Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a member of RICS to apply for this role?

Yes. You must be a current member of RICS to apply. You will be asked to provide your membership number when you apply.

Do I need to be FRICS?

No, although you must be a Fellow (FRICS) at the time of assuming office. If a Member (MRICS) is elected to the role, they will automatically become a Fellow upon election as Senior Vice President.

How about if I’m AssocRICS?

No, you will not be eligible.

Is there an upper age limit?


Can I apply for a role if I currently hold a board or committee position with RICS?

Yes, but you would need to step down from certain positions to take up this role.  For further guidance please contact us.

If I have been the subject of an RICS disciplinary process, am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible, you must not have had any disciplinary sanction for breach of RICS’ Bye-Laws, Regulations or Rules – this includes any breaches of CPD requirements.  RICS membership and regulatory checks will be conducted on all candidates.

Is this a fixed term appointment?

Yes, the role of Senior Vice President is typically a one-year commitment, which dependent on performance, then transitions to President Elect in year two, and President in year three.


Although the overall commitment is usually for three years, the duration of the role for the candidate appointed as 2023 Senior Vice President will be an exception to this, being for only two and a half years. Their term as Senior Vice President will run for six months from 1 July 2023 before they progress to become President Elect on 1 January 2024, and President from 1 January 2025.


The duration of the role for the candidate appointed as 2024 Senior Vice President will be for the usual three years. Their term as Senior Vice President will run for twelve months from 1 January 2024 and they will then become President Elect on 1 January 2025, before serving as President from 1 January 2026.

What will the time commitment be for the appointment?

It is anticipated that the Senior Vice President will spend half a day per week on RICS business. This rises to approximately one day per week following appointment to President Elect, and between two and three days per week as President.

How much travel is involved?

The amount of travel will increase over the three years, with the majority occurring during the successful candidate’s presidential year.


The Presidential Team (which includes the Senior Vice President) is expected to attend Governing Council, which has four scheduled meetings each year. Two of the meetings are held in person at the RICS’ Headquarters in London.


You can also expect to be involved in ad-hoc and special meetings of Governing Council, and engagements with senior executives within the Institution and external stakeholders. Increasingly, many meetings are held virtually.

Is the role remunerated?

The Senior Vice President is not remunerated. However, the President Elect will receive a payment of £20,000 per annum, and the President currently receives £60,000 per annum.

Will RICS reimburse me for expenses?

Yes, you will be eligible to claim all reasonable expenses in line with the RICS Expenses Policy.

How do I apply?

Please see “Apply” for details relating to the appointments process and dates.

What will the appointments process consist of?

Following the closing date for receipt of applications, the process will be as follows:


An Appointment Panel will conduct first interviews of longlisted candidates and recommend a shortlist of candidates to be submitted to Governing Council.

The Appointment Panel will comprise:

  • Harriet Kemp, Chair, Nominations and Remuneration Committee
  • Clement Lau FRICS, Immediate Past President
  • Lord Michael Bichard, Senior Independent Governor, Governing Council
  • Amanda Clack FRICS, RICS Member
  • Robert Mayhew FRICS, RICS Member   

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a series of psychometric tests and meet with a psychologist following the Panel interviews.


Shortlisted candidates will make a presentation to the Governing Council in-person meeting in May 2023.  Governing Council will then elect the two successful candidates for the 2023 and 2024 Senior Vice President positions, based on the candidates’ written applications, psychometric tests, in-person presentations and questioning by Governing Council.

Why have you reopened the applications for the RICS Senior Vice President roles?

Earlier this year, two opportunities were available to join the RICS presidential team, via a six-month 2023 Senior Vice President role to be served from 1 July 2023, and a twelve-month 2024 Senior Vice President role to be served from 1 January 2024. Given the seniority of the role and its importance as a precursor to individuals becoming RICS President, it is vital that we attract the broadest and best possible range of candidates, reflecting the whole diversity of our profession. With that in mind, the appointment panel responsible for shortlisting candidates has decided to re-open the application process.

This role was previously advertised in March 2023. Have the essential criteria for the roles changed since then?

No – the essential criteria remain the same and can be viewed here.

If I have already applied for the position of SVP 2023 or SVP 2024, can I reapply?

If you have already applied for the position of SVP 2023 or SVP 2024, we have your details and you don’t need to reapply.

Can I apply for both roles: SVP 2023 and SVP 2024?

Yes, but note that if you would like to be considered for both roles, you must apply by the first deadline, which is 12:00, Wednesday 31 May 2023.

When do the roles close?

Applications for only SVP 2023, or applications to be considered for both roles, must be submitted in full by 12:00, Wednesday 31 May 2023. Applications for only SVP 2024 must be submitted in full by 12:00, Friday 30 June 2023.